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We offer brand creation services, content management solutions, social publication applications, content creation strategies and more.

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We specialize in creating digital tools and strategies for creative organizations and smart cities.

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More than 50% of the world’s population live in cities and this number is projected to increase to 70% over the next 40 years. Half of the people living in cities live in small to mid-sized cities, where there is a lack of population density and infrastructure. Municipal leaders are searching for sustainable and cost effective ways to encourage the development of healthy, vibrant urban areas in the face of these challenges.


Digital infrastructure can accomplish what is expensive to do with physical infrastructural projects. Internet-based tools can create the feeling of density and vibrancy that is found in densely populated metropolitan areas through digital interactions, which are measurable, cost effective, and can develop quickly. These digital interactions lead to increased face-to-face interactions, which help to build strong neighbourhoods and communities, improve the quality of life, and attract newcomers.


We’re experts at developing digital infrastructure and bringing it to life through community engagement and content creation strategies. We specialize in building social platforms for communities. Our services help your community members connect to others and develop a sense of place, building strong and dynamic communities and neighbourhoods. 

Our Work

NeighbourGood Guide

Client: Child & Neighbourhood Services

Branding, Design, Content Strategy, Social Publication Platform

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Client: London Fuse Collective

Branding, Design, Content Strategy, Social Publication Platform

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Client: Digital Extremes

Branding, Design, Customized Drupal Content Management System

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